Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to do so. The resources needed are natural, economic and social.

Environmental Sustainability

It is about reducing the humans’ negative impact on the ecosystems so that they will be healthy to provide generations of organisms with vital goods. 

Economic Sustainability

The main idea is achieving social improvement, while significantly reducing consumption and therefore environmental risk as well.

Social Sustainability

The change that needs to be done is not only a personal effort.  The law, social eguity, urban planning and transport, human rights, corporate power, global poverty and citizen action also play an important role .

Why this concept IS important for us

As young people we cannot ignore that the humanity and our planet are in need and we understand that the only way for us to develop and achieve our goals and dreams is by taking immediate action. This competition gives us the power to reach a vast public and communicate the significance of a sustainable lifestyle.

Have you noticed? 

Our name features a social sustainability message, as it derives from the Olympic Games that initially supported peace, by calling a truce. 

easy ideas for a sustainable lifestyle

  • recycle
  • reuse
  • pick up litter 
  • use the car less
  • do not waste energy
  • opt for alternative energy sources
  • minimize use of plastic
  • use reusable shopping bags
  • take shorter showers
  • plant seeds 
  • plan your purchases to avoid extravagance 
  • put away some money 
  • take care of the animals in your neighbourhood
  • speak up for the weak
  • donate what you don’t need
  • resist social injustice
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