Olympian Racing was created in November 2020 in order to represent Greece in the F1 in Schools 2020-2021 World Finals. We are a collaboration between the teams Sciron Racing and AlimoDynamics, which have many accomplishments through the years.

2016 7th globally
2019 12th globally

our name

Olympian Racing is inspired by the Olympic Games. This competition has its roots in Ancient Greece and is characterized the values it encouraged, such as fair-play and peace, as back in the day a truce would be called so that all athletes could compete. Therefore, our name is our way of embracing our Greek identity and those socially sustainable values of the institution.

our schools

Arsakeia-Tositseia Schools is the oldest non-profit educational institution in Greece (est.1836). With a very high student success rate over the years, they provide a high-quality education. Arsakeia-Tositseia Schools have been supporting our team for 7 years since its establishment.

The 2nd High School of Alimos, being one of the most successful public schools in the Greek competition, has a tradition in supporting students’ efforts on extracurricular activities and is always distinguished for the students’ outstanding performances.

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